Santo Domingo Tribal Programs Newsletter

The Santo Domingo Tribal Programs Newsletter is a free newsletter published for the Santo Domingo Pueblo community. The Santo Domingo Tribal Programs Newsletter invites stories, images, and information that would be of interest to our readers. Newsletter information is provided by Santo Domingo Tribal Programs, reviewed, then signed for approval by the Governor.


Provide a space for community members to receive monthly information from Tribal Programs.

Newsletter Goals:

  • Create a “Edu-taining” newsletter, 80% educational or informative and 20% entertaining
  • Build relationships/community engagement
  • Share opportunities for community members
  • Increase awareness on services

Where can I get a printed copy of the newsletter?

Distributions locations to pick up a printed copy of the Santo Domingo Tribal Newsletter.

  • Community Center Lobby
  • Santo Domingo Pueblo Library
  • Daniel’s Store
  • Download as a PDF and print your copy from the electronic version below!

Departments will have newsletters if they have requested copies.

How do I request for the monthly newsletter to be delivered to my home?

We will need the following information:

Name, Phone Number, Email (if available), and Street Address.

Please note deliveries will only be made to residents of Santo Domingo Pueblo, this includes:

  • Main Village
  • Outskirts of Village
  • Galesteo
  • Wadi Housing
  • Cedar Tree

Why is this month's newsletter not loading?

If this month’s newsletter isn’t showing, you may have to do the following:

  • Clear browser history
  • Clear Cache
  • Clear Cookies

If none of these work and you would like an electronic copy please request the newsletter by completing the form:

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