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Santo Domingo Pueblo is federally recognized Indian tribe that is centrally located between two of New Mexico’s larger cities with a minimum commute of 35 minutes to access any child care centers. At present there are no child care facilities within the Pueblo. Center-based child care services are carried out in a small community building where CCDF subsidies are used to cover rent to occupy space. These services are extremely limited because at a maximum we can only serve 20 children, ages 2-5 years old, whereas the age range we could serve is from birth to 13 years old. The Santo Domingo Pueblo lacks a child care facility, therefore, has faced challenges year after year in offering adequate child care services. The Kewa Child Care and Development Program has leaned on other tribal programs, also funded by federal subsidy, to help carry out center-based services and activities. The Pueblo has recently secured funding that will allow for new construction of a child care facility that supports developmentally appropriate and culturally appropriate child care services.




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