2017 Tribal Leadership

Tribal Administration

  • Governor Robert B. Coriz
  • Lt. Governor Esquipula Tenorio Sr.
  • Tribal Official Stacy J. Nieto
  • Tribal Official Richard Moquino
  • Tribal Official Leo Calabaza
  • Tribal Official Javin Coriz
  • Tribal Official Joseph D. Coriz
  • Tribal Official Douglas Tenorio
  • Tribal Official Ed Wayne Aragon
  • Tribal Official Otis Lovato
  • Tribal Official Cedric Coriz
  • Tribal Official Robert Fasthorse

Church Officials

  • Church Mayor Henry E. Tenorio
  • Lt. Mayor Christopher Chavez
  • Church Official Curtis Nieto
  • Church Official Larry Garcia
  • Church Official Karl Martinez
  • Church Official John Mina
  • Church Official Nick Rosetta
  • Church Official Tyson Coriz

Warchief and Staff

  • Warchief Herman Nieto
  • Lt. Warchief Alonzo Coriz
  • Warchief Staff Isaac Coriz
  • Warchief Staff Ramos Tortalita
  • Warchief Staff Calvin J. Lovato
  • Warchief Staff Danny Nieto
  • Warchief Staff Aaron Calabaza
  • Warchief Staff Gibson Crespin
  • Warchief Staff Virgil L. Coriz
  • Warchief Staff Norbert Tenorio
  • Warchief Staff Joe Chavez
  • Warchief Staff Romero Aguilar
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