EMS Logo Santo Domingo EMS is comprised of 19 EMS/Fire professionals and began in 2003 serving the community of Santo Domingo. It has grown to provide Emergency Medical Services to the community of Santo Domingo Pueblo as well as the Pueblo of San Felipe. Santo Domingo EMS also provides secondary response to the Pueblo of Cochiti and the townships of Pena Blanca, Sile, Budaghers, and Cochiti Lake. The district also encompasses a stretch of the I-25 corridor starting from the San Felipe overpass (exit 252) to the bottom of La Bajada Hill (exit 264) and will respond further if needed.  Santo Domingo EMS is currently the only full-time service within a ten-mile radius of Santo Domingo Pueblo that provides advanced level services for the I-25 corridor which includes San Felipe Casino, two travel centers, and a heavily traveled interstate.

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  • Santo Domingo EMS provides structure and wild fire services to the community of Santo Domingo and assists Sandoval County Fire Department as requested. The department constantly strives to increase relationships with all surrounding agencies in both Fire and EMS.
  • Future endeavors include the establishment of a community based Volunteer Fire Department, as well as Air Medical Flight services.

Tours of the facility are available by appointment. Please call 505-465-0680 to speak to one of our helpful team members.