2019 Tribal Leadership

Tribal Administration

Governor Joe M. Aguilar
Lt. Governor Ivan Garcia
Tribal Official Stanley Coriz
Tribal Official Joseph V. Garcia
Tribal Official Timothy Eric Bailon
Tribal Official Ronald Chavez
Tribal Official Alan Malcolm Nieto
Tribal Official Dean Owen
Tribal Official Wayne Aguilar
Tribal Official Wilson Quintana
Tribal Official Leo Lovato
Tribal Official Arnold Reano

Church Officials

Church Mayor Henry E. Tenorio
Lt. Church Mayor Donicio Chama
Church Official Abencio Crespin
Church Official Joe Ray Calabaza
Church Official Gerald Aguilar
Church Official Jeff Coriz
Church Official Garrett Martinez
Church Official Matthew Moquino

Warchief and Staff

Warchief Joe Bird
Lt. Warchief Francis Aguilar
Warchief Staff Lloyd Garcia
Warchief Staff Felix Tenorio
Warchief Staff Donald Calabaza
Warchief Staff Lawrence Calabaza
Warchief Staff Elvis Lovato
Warchief Staff Chris T. Nieto
Warchief Staff Rick Cate
Warchief Staff Antonio Aguilar
Warchief Staff Nathaniel Mina
Warchief Staff Andrew Calabaza

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